INSTAF - Institute for Strategic Affairs


    INSTAF provides full negotiation and renegotiation services according to your needs. Develops negotiation strategies for negotiations which are usually centered around distribution, price, production, time or quality issues. Negotiates for Governments, Corporations, Organizations and Individuals in a wide variety of conflicts/disputes that they would rather negotiate than litigate.

    Negotiations have to be well prepared. Objectives, alternatives and the status quo have to be to defined and the strategic situation has to be analyzed. A precise diagnosis leads to a successful therapy.

    INSTAF Negotiation Advisory Sevices is a competitive advantage and will lead to business success.

    The success of all commercial negotiations depends on the understanding of the nine stage negotiation process and a professional negotiation management. As experienced, global negotiation experts, INSTAF works with their clients as part of their team in all stages of a negotiation. INSTAF Experts cover all commercial negotiation situations across all sectors, industries, and markets.  


    1. Analysis
    2. Strategy Development
    3. Planning & Preparation
    4. Initial Bargaining Phase
    5. Opening Bargaining Phase
    6. Concession Phase
    7. Bargaining End Phase
    8. Negotiation Agreement
    9. Evaluation