INSTAF - Institute for Strategic Affairs



    INSTAF provides professional Negotiation Management Services to help clients get the most out of their negotiations. Negotiations have to be well prepared. Objectives, alternatives and the status quo have to be to defined and the strategic situation has to be analyzed. A precise diagnosis leads to a successful therapy. INSTAF Experts assist and accompain clients all along the process of their negotiations.


    INSTAF develops clients skills in Art, Technic and Strategy of Negotiations to adapt their behavior and to improve measurable results through Lectures, Seminars and Workshops. INSTAF´s lectures, workshops and seminars go far beyond the usual teaching methods of negotiation in the style of a cookbook. Through an exciting presentation of insights (successes and failures) from a variety of observed and carried out negotiations, which have been scientifically investigated, participants will experience how the important impact of power, fairness and aspiration levels influences the results of successful negotiations and participants will become successful negotiators within a short time. In workshops and seminars participants will be involved into real negotiations. The described art, technic and strategies can be experienced and learned directly.


    • Strategy and Success of a Negotiation Power
    • Justice Norms and Aspirations
    • Keep It Simple - Simplify Your Negotiation Problem
    • The Negotiation Agreemen Area
    • Minimal Aspirations (BATNA, Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement; Harvard Negotiation Project)
    • Maximal Aspirations
    • Attainable Aspirations
    • Revealed Aspirations
    • First Move Advantage
    • Reciprocity
    • Tit for Tat
    • Measure for Measure
    • Concessions
    • Close the Contract due to Intuitive Intelligence
    • The Importance of Reputation and Networks
    • Negotiating hard, soft, on interests or adaptive