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    INSTAF - Institute for Strategic Affairs

    Whenever a contract is signed, a sale secured or a deal agreed, the knowledge and effectiveness of those behind the negotiation have a major influence on success and profitability. In fact the most important skill to achieve better results in business or politics is the art, technique and strategy of negotiations. 

    INSTAF provides full negotiation and renegotiation services. Develops negotiation strategies for negotiations which are usually centered around distribution, price, production, time or quality issues. Negotiates for Governments, Corporations, Organizations and Individuals in a wide variety of conflicts/disputes that they would rather negotiate than litigate.

    Dr. Gerald R. Uhlich established INSTAF - Institute for Strategic Affairs to assist and advise those who have to negotiate.

    Advisory Services

    How big is your piece?

    INSTAF provides professional Negotiation Management Services to help clients get the most out of their negotiations. Negotiations have to be well prepared. Objectives, alternatives and the status quo have to be to defined and the strategic situation has to be analyzed. A precise diagnosis leads to a successful therapy.

    INSTAF Experts assist and accompain clients all along the process of their negotiations.

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    Lectures / Seminars 

    Strategy of Negotiations

    INSTAF develops clients skills in Art, Technic and Strategy of Negotiations to adapt their behavior and to improve measurable results through Lectures, Seminars and Workshops.

    INSTAF´s lectures, workshops and seminars go far beyond the usual teaching methods of negotiation in the style of a cookbook.


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